I came too, is it okay?

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  • I came too, is it okay?

    I came because I finally found "Rocky", and Wheels.
    Can I be here even if I now ride a 2012 Ultra Limited?
    my 2006 1800's transmission was starting to act up again, and I just didn't have the heart to put another several thousand dollars into it.
    And the Harley Dealer was the only one that would take it in trade.
    I have 15,000 kms on the Ultra so far, and all is good.
    For the first 8000kms, I`d have traded strait across for my Goldwing, but now now, the Ultra and I are bonding.
    I leave tomorrow for Tucson and the start of the Three Flags Classic next week.

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    Anyone who loves to ride is welcome here.

    Protector of the realm.

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      Welcome. The ride is cool but anyone seeking out Rocky and Wheels needs medical help.
      Darksider #390
      Murgie's FAQ

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        I would have to agree with both above posts! Welcome aboard and ride whatcha got!
        """""""Darksider #10 It's been said by many people, that I am still only 16 years old inside my head!! LOL!!
        I have never thrown a leg over any make or model of motorcycle and had nothing but a good time!!"""""""

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          Thanks Guys, re the medical help, your rite.
          But in the meantime I'll go riding.

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            Atta boy. and welcome.
            Rick I think he rides a 2012 Ultra Limited:D
            GL1800 8A - TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER 900

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