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  • Another rider from VA checking in

    I know I need to add a photograph but have been busy lately. I was born and raised in VA and have remained here in retirement. I started riding in 1966 but did not get my first Wing till 2002 when my wonderful 1993 Venture broke in Minot, ND where I traded it in on a new Gold Wing. That Wing lasted till 04 when it was replaced after being totaled in a crash with a new 04. That 04 has a little over 120,000 miles and has been basically trouble free. I like to tour on the bike and my wife usually rides her VTX along. This year has been the worst year for me as far as riding but then the wife and I did just get back from a 2 week cruise and land tour in Alaska. that was our big vacation for this year.

    Right now I am looking at some events in the fall but most weekends are already committed to college football games. We are University of Richmond fans and go to most of the games.

    Last year we did a lot of riding in New England and then did the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia. Right now we have no big plans.
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    Welcome from Hampton Roads.

    New England, I'd love to get up there on the bike even if it was just for an extended weekend.
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