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  • Another new guy

    New to this forum from NC. I ride a 1993 GL1500A with progressive front suspension, 416 progressive rear and an Austone taxi tire. Retired and love to ride
    Asheboro, NC
    Chief Warrant Officer 3 USN Retired 1966 -1986
    1993 GL1500A (Black) Darkside
    2005 VTX 1300 Retro (Red)
    No Wife, No Job, No Worries. Retired & Love to Ride

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    Cool! Welcome aboard! Glad to have you in here with the rest of us!
    """""""Darksider #10 It's been said by many people, that I am still only 16 years old inside my head!! LOL!!
    I have never thrown a leg over any make or model of motorcycle and had nothing but a good time!!"""""""

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      Hello and Welcome from Cleveland,TN

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        Welcome from sunny Arizona!

        2005 Honda Goldwing 30th Anniversary
        2012 Honda Silver Wing
        1974 Honda Trail 90

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          Welcome Another new guy

          Darksider #390
          Murgie's FAQ

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            Welcome aboard!

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              You'll like it here.

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                Welcome to the forum.
                Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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                  Another-Welcome to the site
                  Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, never paid for a divorce

                  IBA # 40576

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                    Hello thomba...Welcome to the forum, enjoy yourself

                    John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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                      WELCOME to the forum from Ohio. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Larry

                      IBA #57814
                      SaddleSore 1075 Miles in 24 hours (certified)
                      BunBurner 1632 Miles in 36 hours (certified)
                      Prowler #81
                      Double Darksider # 792
                      Alaska 2012 / 2014

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