First time owner of a Goldwing from Michigan.

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  • First time owner of a Goldwing from Michigan.

    Hello everyone, I have now owned a Goldwing for just over 2 months. I started riding a motorcycle just 5 years ago on a Kawasaki Concours14, but my wife hated the passenger seating position. After her and I rode my dads Goldwing (GL1800), she was okay with that seat and motorcycle in general. So, I found a great deal on a 2010 Goldwing with Nav/XM/ABS and it included a trailer and a service manual. I am still getting used to it and its nuances. But so far I have only ridden just over 2000 miles in that time and not tinkered much with it (except 1. disabling the ADV since the forks were locked upon purchase, 2. Filling the rear shock pre-load [started working at 14] ). Upgrades I plan to make soon (winter) include Progressive Monotubes and a progressive rear shock. I plan to do the upgrades, usual maintenance and repairs myself.

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    Welcome from WA state.

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