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  • Howdy from SE Idaho

    Thought I'd take moment to say hi. Born and raised around Yakima, Washington, completed 20+ years in the Army, worked in the wireless cable and broadband internet field for 18 years, and finished things out working as an RV tech. Today, I'm fully retired and living in Rigby, Idaho, and trying to figure out the retirees budget and time scheduling. Beyond that, I love my wife and dote on my 2003 1800. Black Beauty has a few upgrades, and I'm looking at a couple more, but for the most part I'm happy with her. Madstad windshield, Progressive springs front and rear, Kury floorboards, heel/toe shifter, and brake lever, Kury down turn exhaust tips, Sat radio, and a couple cup holders. Right now thinking of some risers on the handle bars, some new brake rotors on the front, and changing out the Progressive front springs for a set of Progressive Mono tubes. Other than that, I'm a Darksider running a Pirelli P1 RF and a Stone 709 on the front. Well, that about covers it. Thanks for having me aboard, ride safe and keep the shiny side up.

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    Black Beauty waiting to get on the road.

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      First, thank you for your service. Welcome to the board! Lots of good info found here. Good people, although minus the cussing it does sound like barracks arguments around here sometimes between friends. Push through and enjoy the banter! Beautiful bike! RV tech, eh? I may hit you up with questions later. Like how do I keep my BW tank warmer sticking to the tank belly? It's hanging half off where the glue is responding to the outside air temp. But that's a conversation for another day. Welcome aboard!!
      2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
      USMC 21 YRS/9 MO and when dead, a dead Marine.
      US Four Corner Ride
      2014 Mid-States Ride
      2015 NC to UT/NV Ride

      50th State ridden on 19 Aug, 2016 DS #1584

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        Thanks your service also, Welcome to the Forum lots of great info here enjoy and learn or brush up a bit from Stuart Fl. Ride a Lot Ride Safe.

        2018 DCT non tour, Pearl Stallion Brown, Double Darksider #856, Live To Ride, Love my Wing, IBA Member# 63744 Yellowbird Alias Coppertone

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          Thanks for your welcomes. clayusmcret, Thanks for your service as well. My Dad and youngest brother were Marines as well, Semper Fi.

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          • clayusmcret
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            Hooah! (for you)

          • Mountain Rider
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            I posted a fix for your RV in the off topic section. Hope it helps.

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