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  • Hi from Germany


    Achim from Berlin.

    I have already wrote something about my DCT in the 2018 subforum before I saw this section here, so...

    I came across this forum via Cruiseman‘s videos, have used the „upper air deflectors“ video with good results and now waiting for the man in brown to deliver my F4 screen the next week.

    Not that I‘m into black, was more of a coincidence this year

    Kind regards,

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    Nice ride. Enjoy.
    2007 GL1800 level1
    2015 Hannigan Trike n 2009 Tailwind

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      Welcome, nice rides!

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        Welcome aboard! As the others have said, nice rides!
        2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
        USMC 21 YRS/9 MO and when dead, a dead Marine.
        US Four Corner Ride https://clayusmcret.blogspot.com/
        2014 Mid-States Ride https://mid-states.blogspot.com/
        2015 NC to UT/NV Ride https://2015nvride.blogspot.com/

        50th State ridden on 19 Aug, 2016 DS #1584

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          Welcome to the board!!
          DS#1146 IBA#55800 50CC,BBG, BB1500 x2, SS2K, SS1Kx3 CERTIFIED ALL DS, PGR RC
          2010 Level3 Endeavor Reverse Trike BS Driveguard

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            Moin Moin from Taiwan,
            nice Moped .
            Thorsten , „the real Hamburger“

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              Guten tag Achmill...so far you're the closet person on this forum LOL
              Over 50, Still on 2, and Loving it.

              YouTube Channel: 2Wheel4Fun
              My FaceBook: Tony Rey-No

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                Welcome to the Forum lots of great info here enjoy and learn or brush up a bit from Stuart Fl. Ride a Lot Ride Safe.

                2010 Pearl Yellow L3, Double Darksider #856, Ultimate Midrider Seat w Yellow inlays, F4+4 Tinted, Live To Ride, Love my Wing

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