Cleaning out garage of all bikes

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  • Cleaning out garage of all bikes

    Getting rid of all my bikes except the motocross

    2012 Honda Goldwing basic white $17500 only 15000 plus miles. bike has lowering link installed but can restore to stock. back rest, highway pegs,

    2004 Flare Red non ABS 113000 miles and color matched Bushtec Roadstar trailer $10500 firm, back rest, Ultimate low boy seat, progressive mono tubes, progressive rear spring with new tike take off shock,CD player

    2012 Honda NC700 with saddle bags, trunk and back rest only 600 miles $6000 or OBO

    Picture on request all bikes well maintained by owner

    We think its time for a trike

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    Good luck with your sales Lowell. If you have any trike questions just ask.
    Birds of a feather flock together

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      What kit would you buy and where would you buy it from

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        For the price and options the champion fit the bill. I installed and painted my kit. Trike traders in Lake Alfred. There are other trike traders as well. Get a demo ride on IRS and solid axle before you choose.
        Birds of a feather flock together

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          Sorry to hear you are selling everything, Snoopy, but wishing you the best with the sale(s).

          Hope all is well.

          Come see us in Tennessee!

          Find new owners safely.


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            Good luck with your sales Snoop… :)
            Silly Rabbit…Trix are for kids!!

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              Birds of a feather flock together

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                Just curious... Why not trike the 2012? Are you thinking of just buying one that is already triked? I'm sure you have checked things out, so what's the plan, if you can divulge it? :)
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                  No plans firm yet just started the learning process, looking for ideas and suggestions

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                    Lowell, talk with Kit. He found an honest installer for his, seems he's satisfied and did quite a bit of research beforehand.

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                      I too will throw my hat in the ring and pass along that if there is anything I can help with as far as questions and such, you know how to get a hold of me. Would be my pleasure. If it were me, and you are thinking Trike, I know first hand how darn good looking that flair red would be and you already have a matching trailer. If you still decide to sell the 04, and you would consider breaking up the set, please send me a PM with what you had in mind for the trailer.

                      All the best to you both.
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                        Good luck with your sale.
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                          Lowell, contract Kevin Dodd @ he is a very honest guy & does great installs & has some very good prices..

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