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    Looking for a Smart Tire TPMS My TPMS expired when the bike shop stuck a tire iron under the transducer and broke it. I need another, complete with the rim-band and the valve stem guard.

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    You can get the bands at a auto parts store.
    A gentleman on Ebay is selling a lot of 10 for $350.00. He was selling individual sets for $80.00 just a few months ago.
    If the meter is still good than you will just need the parts that go in the tire. New sensors can be paired to your sensor.

    Here is a link to a company that according to their site sells the system for RVs and trucks. They may sell just the sensors.

    I feel your pain. I purchased a complete spare set a few years ago just encase .

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      Hey...Thanks. I'll phone them on Tuesday. I just knew someone would have an answer for me.

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        Well, the three tips were tried and fell through. So....I still need a Smartire TPMS sensor, if anyone has one out there.

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          Succcess !! Thank-you A_rider. Your tip panned out and I now have a Smartire kit. Cheers, BobC

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            Which tip ?

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              The e-bay tip for the guy with lots of 10. He let a single go.

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                Thanks. I was in an accident last Friday and I pretty sure my bike will be totaled. If so I may not be able to retrieve the sensors.
                Happily I'm ok.

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                  Sorry to hear about your bike, but glad you're OK. Cheers,

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                    Originally posted by bob-c View Post
                    Sorry to hear about your bike, but glad you're OK. Cheers,
                    That's the important part.
                    2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
                    USMC 21 YRS/9 MO and when dead, a dead Marine.
                    US Four Corner Ride
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                    2015 NC to UT/NV Ride

                    50th State ridden on 19 Aug, 2016 DS #1584

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