1995 Kwik Kamp camper

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  • For Sale 1995 Kwik Kamp camper

    SOLD......This is the Belaire model of the Kwik Kamp. Queen size bed. Front cooler rack with cover. Green canvas sides with white top. 3' x 5' dressing area. Access to storage from the inside when camper is setup. Has 4.80 x 8 tires with a spare. Plenty of storage. Also has a canopy that zips to the top over the doorway. The zipper on the screen doorway is broken and does not zip. Excellent condition. Just getting out of camping as we're getting older. $1450.00. Located in Southwest Minnesota.

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    Friend of mine lives in Alex I'll send him the info to see if he still looking. Where are you located?

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    • Redwinger
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      Sorry, Just saw your message today. Windom is straight south of Alex, on highway 71.

    • In2cjs
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      I let him know , but haven't heard back.

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