F4 Customs +4 w/OEM vent - DFW AREA - 30% off

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  • For Sale F4 Customs +4 w/OEM vent - DFW AREA - 30% off

    THIS IS FOR A 2001-2017 GOLDWING

    I have an F4 Customs +4, clear w/vent installed that was installed on a 2016 for the purpose of a review video. The windshield is brand new (except for the 2 mile test ride!).

    I would like to sell this windshield locally (Dallas-Ft. Worth) because it will be a b**ch to ship.

    The windshield must be purchased from F4 Customs and they will take 30% off the retail price.

    You will have to pick up the windshield at my home in Carrollton, or I could drive and meet you somewhere in the area.

    The windshield is the first one reviewed in this video below:

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