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  • 2002 BMW R1150R

    I would like to sell a 2002 BMW R1150R, I purchased this bike new at Leo's south in MN, it has been a great dependable motorcycle.it spent its life in MN but I moved it to CA this year with plans. well plans have changed &; it currently sitting in my garage along with a KLR collecting dust. I think the odometer is under 50k, the bike has been serviced since new by Charlie Johnson a renowned BMW Tech. It should be known this is no "Garage Queen" the bike has been used, but not abused, never down, but has been ridden!, needs nothing, (but a good cleaning), if you are looking for perfect don't bother. The reason I am selling is that I don't think this bike will be used much (if any) in the foreseeable future. I would like to get as close to 4k as possible but no offer will go unnoticed, send a pm if interested, Thanks msn

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    Hi msnden...Just to let you know the first picture you posted does not open...It might be just my computer...

    The second picture does open...Nice bike and best of luck with the sale


    John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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      Thanks John, I reset the photo, (not sure if it helped), Ya it will need all the luck you can send, trying to sell old Motorcycles is tough, & I'm not a salesman

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