'18 Red Trunk Removal Kit & Passenger Backrest

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  • For Sale '18 Red Trunk Removal Kit & Passenger Backrest

    I removed my trunk and added a backrest for my wife. Didn't go over well since she insists on having the trunk to lean on. And that's after riding only 10 miles! So I've reinstalled the trunk and have the red color kit, trunk removal kit and the backrest for sale as a set. Here are the part#s included:

    Backrest 08R70-MKC-A10 retails for $349.95
    Red Color Kit 08F88-MKC-A00ZB retails for $399.00
    Trunk Removal Kit 08F71-MKC-A00 retails for $149.95

    I paid a total of $700 for the three items from discount sites. Please make me a reasonable offer and I'll ship it to you for free within the US.


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    Now sold.

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