Learning What to Take - and What to Leave Home (Pt. 2)


  • Learning What to Take - and What to Leave Home (Pt. 2)

    This weekend was spent refining the list - and packing and repacking a couple of times.

    I'd say the list is at 98%, and what's packed is at 95%. I'm quite certain that we'll forget something. If it's an item that can be picked up on the road, then it's not a big deal at all. For certain other items, we just have to revert to needs vs. wants.

    A few items to finish with over the next 48 hours...time to get busy!

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      Editing a comment

      When you start to feel like crap, you care only about feeling better. A week and a half into our little trip, that's what happened. My blogging, and a lot of other things, kinda slowed to a crawl while I fought to get feeling better. Meanwhile, the trip did continue.

      The last blog entries have been cleaned up - and hopefully the pictures decide to stay linked to their entries.

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