6-3-15 Ride


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    6-3-15 Ride

    Got up to cloudy and light foggy conditions, but was determined to go for a ride. No destination in mind, so I headed Northeast and as I rode, I remembered that I haven't been to Lookout Mountain Point Park in Chattanooga. Now I have a clear destination. I decided I would take Lookout Mountain Parkway up there...... no interstate. Those of you that are history buffs no the story behind Point Park, but its view is amazing. So I left there and went to TVA's Raccoon Mountain Pumping station and lake. The ride in by the river is great and you get the bonus of some twisties going up the mountain to the lake. Check out their web site to get directions to it or Google it. The weather finally broke giving away to partly cloudy, but before then the temp was 62* on the mountain. Some 200 miles later I'm back home enjoying a cold glass of sweet tea.

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      You are fortunate to live so close to beautiful riding.

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      Heck, we have to ride 200 miles to get a road with a curve!

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      I cant imagine 200m without a curve. Like speedy1 sometimes I leave home without a destination in mind, I have 3 directions to choose from initially. I like to stop in small townships and have a rat through the 2nd hand tools shop sometimes and look at the local info boards and learn a little about the place. Those are great rides for sure.
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