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    Ride to Tellico Plains

    On the evening on the 4/26, my B-I-L called and invited me on a early morning all day ride the next day 4/27. I gladly said yes. We were going to ride to Tellico Plains and ride across Cherohala Skyway. It was 5:30am and a chilly 49 degrees when I left my house to meet up with the others. We rode I-59, I-24 and I-75 to Cleveland, TN and then turned right on 64 going to Ocoee. They are doing some road work on that road, but boy was it smooth. About 30 years ago was the last time I was on that road. Ocoee was beautiful. We then turned left on road number 68, never been on this road either. Nice ride thru the countryside heading into Tellico from the South.
    After reaching Tellico we turned right (165) headed across Cherohala and it was a nice relaxing ride. Although it was still rather cool, but this made for some long distant sightseeing and many of the overlooks. At the end of the Skyway someone ask, now which way home and one reply was, " who said anything about home".
    A left hand turn on US129 and we're off to ride The Dragon.. B-I-L has never been on Dragon either. We stopped at Deal Gap and had a little lunch. They make a good hamburger. There was a good many bike there, but we were able to ride the Dragon without being passed by those super bikes.
    Now with that being done, the question which way home comes up again. One person didn't want to go thru Chatanooga, TN. again, so we decided to ride Hwy 411 all the way back home. This may take a while. Too many 40 and 45 mph limits on that rode. Cartersville, GA. here we come.
    I rolled in at my house (7 miles NE of Gadsden ) at 7:45pm after a wonderful all day ride with friends and to see the smiles on their faces after riding thru some of the places we visited was worth it.. all in all it was about 475 miles round trip

    Plan a ride with friends. It sure is fun. Hope this wasn't too long of a read

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      A great ride, for sure!

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      Sounded like an awesome day! Lots of great scenery in that ride.
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