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    Just a friendly reminder to watch out for deer this year. Feel free to add your own ideas.

    Gizmo’s Deer Rules

    GDR #1: Think! It improves your luck.

    GDR #2: Day or night, deer are most dangerous to a distracted rider.

    GDR #3: Hitting a deer at 20 mph hurts less than hitting one at 80 so HIT THE BRAKES!!!

    GDR #4: “Deer Crossing” signs are there for a reason.

    GDR #5: Deer do not run backward so steer behind them.

    GDR #6: Know the enemy. Deer like to play follow the leader. A doe often has fawns following behind. During the fall rut, does may be followed by a buck.

    GDR #7: Ride close to the center line of the road. This gives you the best view of both ditches and it potentially gives you a way to avoid a collision.

    GDR #8: Roads with high grass or clover growing up to the shoulder are extremely dangerous....consider another route.

    GDR #9: Be proactive. Encourage road departments to get shoulders and ditches mowed in a timely manner. Write letters and bring your MC club to a meeting with highway officials.

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      Good reminders!

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      All good points, but I worry more about wild hogs.
      They are rock solid and hard to see at night.
      I have a close friend that has hit at least 5 deer that I know of and while they did damage to his bike, he never went down. Hit a wild hog and you will go down.
      Stay alert and slow down when riding at night.
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