A lazy Saturday with nothing happening around the farm. The calm before the storm so to speak. With plenty of snow on the ground and my driveway too icy to get the Gold Wing to the road, it was a good day to plan our trip to Alaska in June....less than three months away. That amount of time will fly by once the annual crush of spring’s work in the fields demands all of our attention.

Our next ride to Alaska will be our fifth time to visit that beautiful state. Three of those visits have been via motorcycle and the other was on a cruise ship. Never in all of my dreams did I think I would get to Alaska five times!

Going to Alaska takes time...lots of time to ride it and, for me, a lot of time to plan. While some riders take nearly a month to make the trip, my previous rides were done in 11-17 days and usually involved some sort of Ironbutt ride attempts. Rose smelling is seldom part of my riding habit. Some of those IBA rides were successful and some were not but all of them were attempted in part out of necessity because I am, first and foremost, a farmer with plenty of more important things to do in the summer months than goof around in the far corners of North America. At least that’s what my mother, God rest her soul, would have said.

More about the planning process later.