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    A Bad Example?

    Through the years, we have heard a long list of reasons why motorcycling is in decline in America. The usual suspects always appear-a weak economy, expensive bikes, video games, bad drivers, etc. Oh, and if only they would make a modern CB750 then everything would be hunky dory.

    Of course, the manufacturers have tried that type of thing and the modern "CB750's" sit unsold in the dealers for years. The fact is that we have so many great motorcycles to choose from these days that it's hard to make buying decisions. This is not the motorcycle builders' fault.

    One reason for motorcycling's decline is never mentioned....US! Most of "us", the bulk of today's riders, are older and have grown children. How many of our kids ride? For most of us the answer is zero. None of my four children have any interest in motorcycles and none of my friends' kids do either. I don't view their lack of having a motorcycle gene a defect in any way but rather they have made the choice to not follow in their parents' footsteps.

    Personally, I have been a positive, vocal and very recognizable proponent of motorcycling locally. My awesome wife and I have achieved too many great motorcycling goals to mention and yet we have had no impact whatsoever in getting others to join in the fun. Oh well, it is their loss.

    I was lucky. I had an older brother who rode a Honda back in the 60's. He was my idol. My parents even rode that 150 Dream around the area. Then, my dad bought me a mini-bike and my life of motorcycling was set forever.

    Unfortunately, my parenting skills failed when it came to teaching my kids the joy of motorcycling. Sure, when they were little, the kids loved to go on short rides with me on my CB750 but that is where it ended. I would have gladly bought them motorcycles when they were teenagers but they showed no interest at all. I was too late; times had already changed.

    Occasionally, I read about some lucky rider who takes a motorcycle trip with his son and I am so envious. What did he do that I couldn't?

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      Gizmo, I agree with you. If you want the kids to perhaps get the MC bug is to start them off to a good start with the "Mini Bike" which like you, my old man bought me at an early age. The bug bit me and have enjoyed this wonderful experience that I have carried and still riding strong at 61 YOA. I'm glad he had the courage to purchase and let me learn about this powered two-wheeled machine. I have three adult kids and none have taken an interest and it should have been something I exposed them to early in their life. My son in his mid-thirties is kind of kicking the idea of maybe trying it out. I have offered to pay for his MC training safety course should he decide to try it out. I also sweetened the deal to help with his purchase of an MC. I wish I had done this with the "mini-bike" many years ago. Thanks, Gizmo for the topic.
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