"No winter lasts forever. No spring skips its turn."
- Hal Borland

This winter has been long and brutal in many parts of the northern plains. Indeed, this winter weather has been similar to winters that occurred when I was a youngster many years ago and for centuries before that. Why be surprised, then, when the season just represents a return to normalcy?

Global warming? It's a farce....like Goretex!

From this motorcyclist's point of view, this winter has provoked an unusual amount of yearning for warm, sunny days with ice-free roads. Normally, even here in frigid North Dakota, we get a winter thaw where some of us 2-wheel addicts can scratch the itch to ride.

In the good old days, when winters were warmer and drier, it was not unusual for me to actually ride a few hundred miles during the December to March deep freeze. There were even occasional 500-mile days. Such occasions were glorious, especially when cabin fever had gripped me for months.

One thing I have noticed is that 40 degrees in June or September is cold but 40 North Dakota degrees in February is short sleeve weather. I know that 40 is technically 40 so apparently it is attitude that truly brings warmth....or cold. Of course, electric gear can be the great equalizer that makes a January ride or a cold September morning jaunt equally refreshing and tolerable.

In just two days, the spring equinox occurs. Thank god! The weatherman says that the next few days should be the first "average" temperature days in the last two months and that means the Gold Wing comes out of the garage tomorrow! Ahhh....