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    I love to ride and I love to eat. In that order. Unfortunately, procuring nourishment on the road is usually a big, time consuming hassle as well as a source of much consternation and even arguments with my wife. When my wife says those ominous words, "you decide", the restaurant decision rarely works out well for me.

    I am a "foodie", as long as the food involves big, greasy cheeseburgers. I do have my standards (low), however, so I grade restaurants by cleanliness and speed of service. I have walked out of restaurants before my food arrived and without paying because their bathroom was filthy. Yuk!

    Like I said, food becomes secondary when I'm riding, especially on long rides away from home. Mainly, I will stop for a meal, or even eat it on the bike, just to maintain my daily schedule and normal bowel functions. There's no fun to be had if you have to sit on "it" all day! I enjoy a big ribeye and a few bourbons as much as anybody in the evening but there is a downside to such indulgence as it seems like I'm always on the last hole in my belt. Furthermore, going to bed with a belly full of beef and booze tends to give me indigestion and then I"ll sleep poorly thus making the next day less fun. It is, indeed, all about the ride.

    Road food can waste a tremendous amount of time. An hour for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus snacking in between means many "riders" are actually eating more than they are riding. To each his own, I suppose, but I figure I can eat anytime whereas the opportunity to ride is something I truly cherish. It's all about the ride.

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      My wife learned fairly early on that it's better to eat light while the ride is ongoing. A better meal is the evening meal, but even then, it's important it's nourishing.

      Lunch for both if us can be as simple as sharing a foot-long Subway meal - one sandwich and bag of chips is typically more than enough for an afternoon of riding for the two of us.

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      Good to see that I am not alone on the conversation with the wife for food. i stopped asking her a long time ago. When i did ask: she would usually say 3 different places and then say: "what ever you choose is fine". LOL Morning or night. It is common for us to split a meal as mentioned. I can not eat the same amount at 65 as I did at 45 or 25 yrs olde

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      I didn't add this yesterday, this is a timely topic.

      As mentioned earlier, many times lunch is a shared meal. There's times - like last week on our little get-away, it might NOT be a good idea.

      The conversation went much as flat6bagger mentioned; she said "Subway", and I was okay with that.

      We found one close to the highway...and I said "Wanna share a sammich?"

      "Sure - meatball?"


      Footlong meatball, bag of chips and one drink. Tasted good...but fifteen minutes later, I'm starting to belch.


      I was also experiencing some discomfort down below as well.

      Another ten minutes...more of the same. At this point, I'm asking my wife "Are you feeling as bad as I am?"


      By this time, we're still motoring along - and there's really no safe place to stop out here in the central Arizona sticker patch. There was also periodic rain, so I didn't want to stop and have to dig out the toiletry bag.

      As soon as we got near civilization, I find a convenient awning at a fuel island to pull into. My wife hopped out, digs thru the bag to find:

      Relief! :D
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