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    Dual purpose motorcycles

    With nighttime temperatures starting to reach down closer to zero and icy patches here and there, my motorcycles will be gathering dust in the garage for awhile. The trusty steeds will not be useless during the winter months, however. The handlebars will serve as handy places to hang jackets while the saddlebags and top box will get filled with various small parts and items that were scattered around during the riding season. Since I am not the most organized person, storing motorcycle "stuff" on the bike is my way of logically putting it where it should be. Until spring comes around, anyway.

    Of course, the biggest winter time storage vessel I have is the Aluma XL trailer. Since I am certain the Aluma won't be needed until June, at least, I can stuff it full of all kinds of seldom or never used parts, tools, cleaners, old helmets, my favorite 1998 road atlas, too-small riding jackets...you name it. Maybe I'll dig through the Aluma on some blizzardy February day, when PMS is the most intense, with the good intention of trashing some old, obsolete gear but, just like past years, nearly all of it will survive another winter....like me!

    All of that stuff, it turns out, has meaning far beyond the practical. I'll fondly recall how those Goretex gloves failed miserably to keep my hands dry along the Alaska Highway so they will be spared the inevitable dumpster fate for another year. That old helmet caused the worst itchy head ever but I used it for 80,000 memorable miles and I'm not going to abandon it yet. Although I haven't had a GL1200 for 13 years, I still have a new air filter that, well, you never know when it will come in handy. Other than a few pictures and Iron Butt Association certificates, that air filter is the only actual remnant of the great bike that gave me countless memories.

    And so, my bikes and the trailer become my own private museum for awhile. They provide sanity and hope during the endless North Dakota winter.

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      Farming is tough work...kudos for staying with it!

      My buddy from high school finished with an Ag Econ degree from the local university. He leased out some property close by and for about two years, he was a cotton farmer The only way we'd visit was to go seem him in Coolidge, AZ. A desert valley virtually filled with cotton fields.

      He did that long enough to get the gig he really wanted, a position with the USDA. He was local for just a few years; a position opened up in D.C. and he was recommended for the job. Uprooted his wife and eldest daughter, and had been in NoVA for almost 30 years.

      Today...er, when they resume work due to the gov't shutdown...he'll resume being some assistant to the undersecretary of something or another. Impressive title, but still you're always somebody's 'lackey'.
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