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    The nicest people.....

    The Nicest People

    In the 60's, some genius ad agency came up with "You meet the nicest people on a Honda" and the world changed for a lot of people. I know it did for for me, too. Linking nice people with motorcycles was a revolutionary idea given the outlaw reputation of motorcyclists in those days.

    My conservative parents would surely not have bought that first Honda 150 Dream for my older brother if motorcycling would have remained in the underworld realm of thugs. Mom and dad even rode The Dream around town occasionally to Pete's Tastee Freeze or to visit friends. All of a sudden they were cool! I recall my mother even having a go at it alone in the farm yard with dad running behind trying to keep her upright. The attempt did not end well but mom was cool for even trying.

    My brother embraced riding because that is what the cool kids did in those days. Anything above 50cc was big enough for a young man to be part of the Cool Guys Club. Motorcycles, especially Hondas, were affordable and, above all, fun. It didn't take long for all of those neophyte riders to discover races, hill climbs and riding in packs and one or two even ventured out on trips more than a few miles from home. If memory serves me correctly, one fellow even rode to Seattle and back on a 300 Dream, a trip of at least 2200 miles, with no trouble whatsoever. Perhaps that story was the spark that lit the fire of my lifelong desire to ride motorcycles anywhere and everywhere.

    My little friends and I had to be content with pretending to be motorcyclists on our banana bikes. Whenever a motorcycle would go by we would race it....for a few feet, anyway, only to be left behind, out of breath and wishing we were a few years older.

    Ah, the good old days! They truly were great!

    So, nearly 60 years later, I have been fortunate enough to have owned 20 motorcycles, 16 of them Honda, and fearlessly traveled on them all over North America. A lot of hills have been climbed and even a few races won and lost. From the highest mountain passes to the lowest valleys and everywhere in between I have been hot, cold, sick, exhilarated, bored, lost, fearful, lucky, sore and happy on those bikes made by that "nicest people" company and rarely have I wished to be doing anything but riding.

    Thank you, Mr. Honda and mom and dad!

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      Many of us have parallel stories to this one; thanks for sharing!
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