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    Testing Cardo TalkPack Bold

    I have obtained a set of the brand new PackTalk Bold Bluetooth headsets from Cardo. Unboxed yesterday and had mine paired with the Goldwing within 3 minutes. Very simple, and in some ways, very similar to the Sena 20S.

    I found it interesting that it appears you can have more than one Bluetooth headset paired with the Goldwing on each channel (rider and passenger). After pairing the Cardo, the Sena still shows up as being paired to the bike. Great if you have 2 helmets with different headsets.

    Initial testing has been riding solo. Sound quality is as good or better than the Sena. Profile is slightly smaller than the Sena, so should help the helmet fit better in the tiny trunk.

    I will be testing the helmet-to-helmet communications next week.
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      I know I can look up the video on Sena but could you do a quick Vlog on how to pair two Sena 20S bike-to-bike. (I want to talk to someone on another bike, not my passenger.)

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      If you buy a set of Senas (or Cardos) they will come already paired for bike-to-bike. Pairing is easy, you simply put both headsets into Intercom Pairing Mode, they will pair up and you are ready to go. There is also an app you can download to make pairing even easier.

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