LED Entry Lights Simply Not Working Correctly


  • LED Entry Lights Simply Not Working Correctly

    I installed the LED Entry Lights last weekend, and they are pretty cool, when they work. Before I installed the lights, my ignition switch (ring light) would illuminate each time I approached the bike. Not now. They (and the Entry Lights) will illuminate about every 3rd or 4th time I approach the bike. I know the key fob is enabled because the saddlebags will unlock and the bike will start. The ignition and Entry Lights illuminate every time I shut the bike off.


    • Kenichi
      Kenichi commented
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      Mine only work in low light conditions (which it should) I think it may be wired into the light sensor via canbus wiring? My guess.

    • Cruiseman
      Cruiseman commented
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      Interesting, because mine have failed to illuminate in the dark, yet other times illuminate in broad daylight!

    • shadow2001
      shadow2001 commented
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      My ring light no longer illuminates when I approach the bike since adding the entry lights. They all only work when I shut the bike off (at least so far).

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