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    BBQ X 2

    Yesterday we rode to Lockhart for lunch. This is been on our ride bucket list for many years and we finally got our chance. It was very cloudy when we pulled out of Sugarberry Inn and as soon as we got to the outskirts of Fredericksburg, it started to rain. I pulled over to a gas station so Rickee could put on her rain gear. I decided that the rain was not heavy enough to warrant it, so went without. We rode north and east to the south side of Austin then picked up SH 130 South to Lockhart. The rain was spotty and it was much warmer than the weather experts had predicted.

    We arrived at Smitty's Market around 11am and were surprised that there was no crowd at all. In fact, the place was nearly empty. The smell of smoke is all over downtown Lockhart, with Smitty's and Black's just a few blocks from each other.

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    After perusing the menu board, we ordered a 1/2 ring of Jalapeno sausage, 1/2 pound of wet/fatty brisket and 4 pork ribs. The total was about $25 and was well worth it!

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    The butcher paper becomes your plate and only two plastic knives accompany the meal. If you want a fork, you had better order a side of potato salad or slaw. The BBQ was every bit as good as we have hear, albeit very fatty. You could literally squeeze the grease from the sausage. I should add that, as good as the brisket and ribs were, there were no better than Hutchin's BBQ in McKinney, still my favorite BBQ joint.

    After consuming mass quantities of Q, we were not done. We walked a few blocks to Black's BBQ, another of the famous "Big 3" joints in Lockhart. I tried a ring of their sausage, which I actually preferred to Smitty's. When in line, I saw the pit master lop off a huge beef rib for another customers that looked amazing. I wish now we had started at Black's. Everything I saw on the chopping block looked amazing.

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    Now adequately in a beef and pork coma, the clouds are clearing and it is getting quite warm. We mount up, sans rain gear, and head south on SH 130 to Hwy 621.

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    I had programmed the GPS to take us through New Braunfels, TX on a series of FM roads (for you Northerners, that's a Farm to Market road). The back roads today are completely void of any traffic, that was great. However, the roads did not provide much in the way of scenery or twisties.

    Our next stop was Luckenbach, TX. I have never been here and just wanted to check it out. It was actually pretty cool. After walking through the Post Office and gift shop, we sat out back where local musicians were picking and singing their country western favorites.

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    We sat and listened to the music for how ever long it takes for 3 songs. A cold beer would have been nice, but I am driving, so I never drink while riding. I have enough trouble keeping the rig between the lines sober!

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    After leaving Luckenbach, it was only a 15 minute ride back to our B&B. We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting on our front porch and enjoying a bottle of wine.

    Tomorrow, we plan to ride the Three Sisters. However, the weather is deteriorating and we may have to cut the trip short and head back to Big D a day early. Damn.

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      Enjoying your ride report and photos.

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      In my 20 years living near Austin, I have eaten at all of the BBQ joints in Lockhart many times and Black's is still my favorite.

    • srt8-in-largo
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      Man, those BBQ joints are going on my ride-to list.

      Thanks for the pics and dialogue Chris.... brings back memories when I spent time as a kid in Coppers Cove. We use to go to the river slide in New Braunfels to beat the summer heat.

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