Bike is prepped and packed for trip to West Texas


  • Bike is prepped and packed for trip to West Texas

    I have completed all of my pre-ride checks for the bike trip to West Texas this week. Tires inspected and pressurized, lights, brakes, fluids, fresh oil and filter, new rear drive gear oil, and I flushed my coolant. This morning I packed the bike with my clothes for the trip. Not taking the trailer this time, just me going so I can pack light. It will be good to get back on the road, even if for only a short 750-mile trip (roundtrip).

    I will be testing out my GoPro Hero 4 Silver on this trip as well doing some time lapse stuff. I hope to post along the way.

    I have a crazy routine the night before a road trip. After I fill up the bike with gas, I back into the garage so that in the morning, I just right out straight. I think I started this routine when we would be riding with the trailer and backing out of the garage with the trailer is a pain. I was wondering of anyone else has any crazy superstitions or routines when prepping for a road trip?
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      I always park facing out of my barn primarily I guess because my driveways are gravel but the building is large enough I can ride in and turn around to make driving out easy.

      What's your destination?

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      Interested in the time lapse you will be trying. I have never tried that with my GoPro.

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