Riding in the rain


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    Riding in the rain

    This morning I was faced with a decision on whether to ride for coffee or not. Weather.com, which is rarely accurate, showed light rain in the area for the entire morning. Typically, I try to avoid riding in the rain, but since the SO is in Fort Worth with the car, my only choice was to stay home and make my own coffee. I decided to "man up", put on my Olympia waterproof liner (under my Olympia jacket) and go for it. The ride to the bagel place was really not that bad. The Wing does a good job of keeping you dry in everything but a downpour.

    So here I am, enjoying my coffee, watching the rain fall outside.

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      you will remember the bad weather days like it happened yesterday,the nice weather ones just seem to all blend together,lol

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      Last Saturday we headed out in a roaring downpour. We had debated for an hour or two what to do. (I was definitely going, the wife probably not.) I talked her into taking a chance and within 20 miles we rode out of it and dodged it the rest of the day. Outstanding ride after all! Sometimes ya just gotta go for it and accept that sometimes the dragon wins.

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      We get quite a bit of rain here in new Zealand. I spend some of my time riding a naked bike ( Triumph Scrambler ).My riding gear is leather trou and jacket, with an oilskin vest and boots.
      I do get a bit damp if the ride is over 2 hours otherwise its ok. On the Wing I hardly get damp, even on a all day ride..

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