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TheGLForum is the hottest new community of Honda Goldwing and F6B enthusiasts. We have the richest vendor sponsorship program on the Internet.

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What Do Our Sponsors Say?


We have found the value is outstanding. We have a dedicated forum where we can launch new product announcements to target specific riders and furthermore, we can quickly respond to customer inquiries ranging from support and product information. The management at TheGLForum truly cares about sponsorship value unlike other forums that we’ve supported in the past.

Being a sponsor of TheGLForum has produced a noticeable spike in traffic to our website and given us the ability to easily announce new products as well as answer questions about existing ones. This has already proven to be a great advertising value. Thanks.

A Vendor Sponsor Program designed by a Vendor Sponsor

TheGLForum is owned and operated by Chris "Cruiseman" Dikmen, a vendor sponsor. As the owner of Cruiseman's Garage, I was a sponsor of multiple motorcycle forums before starting TheGLForum, so I have a unique understanding of what vendors expect from a forum sponsorship. As with most advertising, I found forum sponsorships to pretty much be a waste of money. The whole point of paying to sponsor a forum is to have the ability to promote your product(s), yet most forums were so restrictive that they would not allow any promotion discussion. They also did little to protect me from being discredited by a competitor, or those a member sympathetic to a competitor.

At TheGLForum, each sponsor gets their own "private" vendor forum. You can use this forum to post ANY promotional information you wish about your product(s). You can upload images, post links to your website, offer our members a discount, or just answer technical questions. You even have admin control over the posts in your forum. If a member posts something you don't like, you can remove it.

If you notice anyone dinegrating your product or company in any of our other member forums, just let us know and we will have those comments removed. We believe in freedom of speech, but this is not a democracy and you are supporting this forum with your dollars. We do allow members to post information about potentially competitive companies that are not sponsors on TheGLForum. However, we do not allow posting of web addresses, phone numbers, etc.

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If you require assistance with the creation of your banner ads, logo, or other creative assets, we have a special arrangement with Choreographics, Inc. to provide these services to our vendors.