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A Small Business Incubator recognizes that there are innovative entrepreuners with great ideas and products that other members may wish to purchase. We also recognize that many entreprenuers are home-based, small business, with very little revenue and as such, unable to pay the cost of full Vendor Sponsorship. Therefore, we have created a Marketplace at a very low annual cost, to support small, fledgling businesses. The Marketplace is actually a special group of sub-forums within website where entreprenuers may conduct their business.

Marketplace Vendors pay an annual membership fee ($99) for the right to promote their home-based business within The Marketplace. Here are the basics of how the Marketplace Vendor membership works:

You can qualify for a Marketplace Vendor membership if you meet ALL of the following criteria:
  • You conduct business solely from your residence (no commercial business location), and
  • You do not advertise your business on any other forum or website, and
  • You sell your product or service direct to the consumer, not through any form of distribution channel, and
  • You do not advertise your business in any publications, and
  • You do not offer a product or service that competes with a Vendor Sponsor
As An Marketplace Vendor member, you:
  • Shall have your own Group (forum) in the Business Incubator Group section,
  • May promote your product and/or service in, and only in, your Group forum,
  • Are allowed to have a link to your Group forum in your Signature (see example at bottom of page),
  • May not promote your products and/or services in the General Discussion forums, other than specifically outlined hereinafter.
Marketplace Vendor memberships are for 12 months (1 year) from the date you subscribe as a Marketplace Vendor membersip. We only accept payment via PayPal and memberships renew automatically at the end of your membership term.

Cancelling Membership

If you cancel your membership within 14 days of subscribing, we will refund (credit to PayPal account) the full amount of your membership fee. If you cancel after 14 days, no refunds will be given. If you do not wish to renew your membership, it is your responsibility to inform within 14 days of the renewal date that you wish to cancel your membership renewal. Alternately, you can cancel your renewal directly through your PayPal account.

Termination of Membership by

Your Marketplace Vendor membership may be cancelled at any time by Administrator if it is determined that your membership is in violation of any of the above criteria.

Rules Of Conduct

You may not post any promotional information about your product or service in any of the General Discussion forums on

You may ONLY post product information within your own Marketplace Group (sub-forum).

You may include a hyperlink to your Group (forum) in your Signature

You may not include pictures, graphics, drawings or other images of your product in any forum other than your Marketplace Group (sub-forum)

If another member asks a question about your product or service in one of the General Discussion forums, you MAY respond by directing them to your Marketplace Group (sub-forum) for more information.


A member makes the following post in the General Discussion Forum:

TOPIC: Looking For Info On John's Widgets
MESSAGE: I have heard good things about John's Widgets and I would really like to know how to get one of his Widgets for my bike. Does anyone know how much they cost? Where can I get one?


Hi member, my name is John and I am the maker of John's Widgets. For more information, go to my Marketplace Group using the link below. I can answer all of your questions on my  forum.


Below is an example of an appropriate signature for a Marketplace member:

Quality Widgets for GL1800 and F6B
Visit my Marketplace Forum for more information - click here [link to your Marketplace forum]

It is a good idea to run your signature design by the Administrator for pre-approval.

Please allow up to 3 days after subscribing as a Marketplace Vendor for your Marketplace group to be established.